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Presenters Kit


Oral Presentation

Oral presentation consists of no more than 20 minutes (including questions) for presentation of the problem, the background, the innovative approach, the new results, the comparative evaluation and questions from attendees. Acceptable formats for presentations are MS PowerPoint 2007.

To perform the presentation, the following equipment will be available in the conference room:

Laptop computer (with MS Windows XP operating system and PowerPoint 2003) and a projector. Please bring your presentation on a memory stick to upload on the laptop provided prior to your session. Presenters have to check the consistency of their presentation on this computer.

The presenter should prepare a reasonable number of electronic slides, so as not to exceed the time. Additional slides could be prepared to support possible answers to attendees' questions. Also, the presenters are kindly recommended to be present in the hall at least 5 minutes before the beginning of the session in order to receive additional information from the session chair.

Each slide should not be overcrowded by text and graphics. Too much text should be avoided: slides should support the presentation, they should not be simply read by the presenter.

Graphics should be designed to help in the overall communications, to illustrate key points and clarify the basic ideas. Avoid excess graphics as this makes the overall file size large and can delay slide loading. Use large fonts so as they are readable without efforts: typically 20 point font is the smallest that should be used. Headers within the body are typically 24-pt and slide headers are typically 28 or 32-pt font. Use fonts that are easily readable.

Special Issue


The M&N 2001 Special Section of IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement is intended to promote best results presented at M&N 2011.

The M&N 2011 Special Section will contain papers selected on the basis of the results of regular peer review of the manuscripts submitted for consideration by the participants of M&N 2011. Each manuscript should be based on a paper published in the M&N 2011 Proceedings and presented at M&N 2011. However, the manuscript MUST be significantly extended beyond the scope of the proceedings paper (in terms of the overall TECHNICAL content and research results).

Special issue manuscript may ONLY be uploaded in the period of November 15- December 6, 2011. Please DO NOT try to submit your papers earlier, since the M&N2011 Special Issue folder in Allentrack will not be available.

Guest Editor
Prof. Dario Petri, University of Trento
Member of the I&M Society Ad-Com
Vice-Chair of IEEE Italy Section

Preparation for manuscript submission

The manuscript, together with the accompanying documents “viz. the manuscript submission cover letter, the IEEE copyright transfer form, and the overlength page charge form” must be submitted electronically using the web-based submission system. Prior to submission of the manuscript, its author, especially if he/she has not yet used that system, should register and obtain a password that will enable him/her to enter the system and read Authors Instructions and Manuscript Upload Instructions. Both instructions contain information of vital importance for the problem-free submission. In particular, Authors Instructions provide the guidelines for the preparation of the manuscript. The following additional requirements must also be satisfied when submitting the manuscript:

The manuscript must be TECHNICALLY extended beyond the scope of the proceedings paper, as mentioned above.

At the time of submission, the authors must provide detailed information regarding how the manuscript is a technically-extended version of the proceedings paper, as per the instructions below.

The proceedings paper MUST be clearly referred to in the text and listed as one of the references in the special-section manuscript.
A PDF copy of the proceedings paper must also be submitted, as per the instructions below.

When uploading your manuscript click on “Special Issue Manuscript” in the “Manuscript Upload Instructions” page of the Allentrack System.  Then, in page #1 of “Submit Manuscript” you must choose the proper Special Issue (i.e., M&N2011 Special Issue).  Subsequently, in the same page and in the “Files to Upload” section you MUST upload two files; one with containing a detailed explanation of how the paper is TECHNICALLY extended beyond the scope of the proceedings paper and another which is a PDF copy of the M&N 2011 Proceedings paper.  To this end, you must put the number “2” in the small box in front of “Extension Beyond Proceedings & Copy of Proceedings (if any was published)” so that the system allows you to upload these two files.  Consequently, these two files will be available to the reviewers.

Failure to submit a detailed explanation of the TECHNICAL extension and a PDF copy of the M&N Proceedings paper will result in the immediate return of the manuscript to the author(s) as an unacceptable submission.

The M&N 2011 paper identifier should be put in the upper right-hand corner of every document to be submitted.

Further information and help:

Mrs. Cam Ingelin
Editorial Assistant
E-mail: c.ingelin@ieee.org

Travel and Venue


The Workshop Venue, Villa Orlandi, is located in Anacapri, on the enchanting Island of Capri, in via Finestrale 2. It is a seventeenth century villa which has recently been restored by the University of Naples, in rigorous respect of the original architecture. The villa is surrounded by a nice park and includes all essential facilities.


The best way to reach the island from Naples is by either ferry (“traghetto” in Italian) or hydrofoil (“aliscafo”), leaving from Naples harbor “Molo Beverello”. The trip won’t take more than an hour.

The international Airport of Naples Capodichino (NAP) has connection to the major cities of Europe and Italy. To reach the “Molo Beverello” harbor from the airport attendees can either take a taxi (it is suggested to request the fixed rate run, which costs 19 euros up to January 2011) or the “Alibus”, which stops just outside the Arrival lounge. The Alibus is an express bus which only stops at the railway station and at the harbor. The ticket costs 3 euros and can be bought onboard.

Also attendees arriving in Naples by train can either take a taxi or the Alibus to reach the Molo Beverello harbor.
Once in Capri harbor “Marina Grande”, you can reach the Workshop venue in Anacapri:

- By bus: direct buses from the harbor Marina Grande to Anacapri every 90 minutes
- By cable railway (“Funicolare”)+ bus: cable railway from Marina Grande to Capri every 15 minutes, and then bus from Capri to Anacapri every 15 minutes
- By private bus (to be reserved for groups of minimum 10 people): info@staiano-capri.com
- By taxi.


- Hotel San Michele
- Hotel Bellavista 
- Hotel Biancamaria
- Hotel Casa Mariantonia 
- Hotel Casa Caprile
- Hotel Senaria
- B&B Mediterraneo
- B&B Da Gelsomina

Area Information

Naples International Airport

Italian Railway Company

Ferry and hydrofoil timetables

Capri Tourist Info

Naples Tourist Info



General Chairs

Leopoldo Angrisani
University of Naples Federico II, Italy

Claudio Narduzzi
University of Padova, Italy

Technical Program Chairs

Andrea Bondavalli
University of Firenze, Italy

Pasquale Daponte
University of Sannio, Italy

Abdulmotaleb El Saddik
University of Ottawa, Canada

Stefano Giordano
University of Pisa, Italy

Dario Petri
University of Trento, Italy

Michele Vadursi
University of Naples "Parthenope", Italy

Giorgio Ventre
University of Naples Federico II, Italy

Technical Program Committee

Erasmo Atteo
ITS, Italy

Mike Devetsikiotis
North Carolina State University, USA

Mauro D'Arco
University of Naples Federico II, Italy

Michele D'Urso
Selex Si, Italy

Mario Farias
TIS Innovation Park, Italy

Luigi Ferrigno
University of Cassino, Italy

Alessandra Flammini
University of Brescia, Italy

Nelson Fonseca
Institute of Computing of The University of Campinas, Brazil

Domencio Grimaldi
University of Naples Federico II, Italy

Carmine Landi
Second University of Naples, Italy

Paolo Lollini
University of Firenze, Italy

Giovanni Manco
Chairman of ICT Committee
Italian Society of Engineers - Naples Branch, Italty

Linus Michaeli
University of Košice, Slovakia

Aniello Napolitano
SESM, Italy

David Parish
University of Loughborough, UK

Vito Pascazio
University of Naples "Parthenope", Italy

Nicola Pasquino
University of Naples Federico II, Italy

Antonio Pescape'
University of Naples Federico II, Italy

Massimiliano Rak
Second University of Naples, Italy

Fabio Ricciato
University of Salento, Italy

Simon Pietro Romano
University of Naples Federico II, Italy

Rosario Schiano Lo Moriello
University of Naples Federico II, Italy

Alessandro Sona
University of  Padova, Italy

Giorgio Vitetta
University of Modena e Reggio Emilia, Italy

Local Arrangements Chairs

Umberto Casaro
University of Naples Federico II, Italy

Domenicantonio Grillo
University of Naples Federico II, Italy

Giacomo Ianniello
University of Naples Federico II, Italy

Alessandro Teotino
University of Naples Federico II, Italy



Registration is now available!

Suggested Registration fees are listed below in USD:


Till September 9, 2011
Advance Registration

After Septemeber 9, 2011
Late and On-Site Registration

IEEE Member






Student, IEEE Life-Member



Do not jeopardize the publication of your work in the proceedings! An accepted paper will be published in the proceedings only if the full-fee registration payment for one of the authors is received and correctly processed by September 9, 2011 - no exceptions. Only member or non-member fees are allowed to cover the publication of an accepted paper. Student registration fees cannot be used to guarantee the publication of an accepted paper. If the author registering to cover the paper publication is a student, he has to pay the appropriate member or non-member fee. Members to whom the society bylaws grant special discounts (e.g., Life members of the IEEE) cannot use the discounted rates to cover the publication of an accepted paper: they have to pay the member fee.

One author registration will cover the publication expenses of only one accepted paper. For each additional accepted paper associated to the same registration, a 50 US$ printing contribution will be charged. In the case no registration has been received and correctly processed to cover the paper publication, the conference organizers will contact the authors before the paper is removed from the proceedings.

To qualify for member rates, the membership number must be provided in the registration form. No exception.


For further information concerning your registration, please, contact only the M&N Administrator:

Chris Dyer
email: cdyer@conferencecatalysts.com

Author Instructions


Paper Submission Preparation

Authors are invited to submit an extended abstract (3-4 pages) reporting original research of theoretical or applied nature using on-line submission system. A submission implies willingness to register and present the work if the paper is accepted for presentation at the workshop.

Manuscripts will be reviewed by the Technical Program Committee. Authors of accepted extended abstracts, must submit the full paper version according to the deadline, register for the workshop, and attend to present their papers.

For your convenience, the Style Manual and Conference Paper templates in various formats are available through the following links:

Style Manual

Paper Templates

Accepted Papers will be included in the IEEE Xplore digital library and indexed by EI/Compendex.

*The final paper must not exceed 6 pages in length.


Extended Abstract Submission: June 20, 2011
Acceptance/Rejection Notification: July 24, 2011
Camera-ready Submission: September 9, 2011*
*This is the hard deadline

Author Registration

Each lead author must visit the EDAS web site and establish an account with a username and password. The lead author then logs in to the EDAS system to actually submit the abstract, and later, the paper via the following steps:

  1. Visit http://edas.info and click the New User button.
  2. Create your profile. Only the five fields with the red asterisk are required. These fields are first & last name, affiliation (company or organization), country, e-mail address, and status. When the fields are filled in, check the Privacy Policies box and click the Add Person button.
    [note: if you select USA as the country, you will get a message asking for your state]
  3. You will receive an e-mail containing your password. Your email address and the given password must later be used to access the system during the following steps, so be careful to remember it.
  4. You can then return to the EDAS log-in page (http://edas.info) and change your assigned password to one that is easier to remember. To do this, click on the My Profile tab, and then click on change your password. Be sure to record your user name, password and ID number for later reference.

Submission of Extended Abstract

Please login at http://edas.info and follow the following steps:

  1. Type in the title of the paper in the block and give a five line description of your paper. Then select the topic area(s) your paper falls under best.
    [note: This will help in choosing the reviewers. The abstract will be uploaded later]
  2. Click the Submit button.
  3. The next page you see will have a large green check mark and a statement that the paper was registered. The last row says Manuscript, and has an icon of a yellow folder next to it. Click on this icon, and then you can upload your manuscripton the next page. Manuscript is used to refer to the PDF form of your extended abstract. You can also upload the paper by clicking the My Papers tab at the top of the screen, and then select the upload icon on the same row as the name of your paper. The upload icon (third column from the right) will open a dialog box that will enable you to select and upload the abstract file via the web or via FTP.
  4. Problems in preparing and submitting your extended abstract? Further Information?

    Contact the M&N Administrator:
    Chris Dyer
    Conference Catalysts, LLC

Welcome to M&N 2011


The IEEE International Workshop M&N 2011 aims to represent a forum for researchers and practitioners from industry, academia, and government involved in the area of modeling, measurement, and quantitative evaluation of communication networks and distributed infrastructures.

M&N 2011 will be held October 10 - 11, 2011 in Anacapri, Italy

Registration and the opening cerimony will be held at the Auditorium of the Township of Anacapri, in Piazza Cerio, while the rest of the workshop will be held in Villa Orlandi.